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  • What is functional medicine?

    Functional medicine is a holistic healthcare approach that aims to identify and address the root causes of disease. It focuses on the unique genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence an individual’s health.

  • How does a functional medicine approach differ from conventional medicine?

    Unlike conventional medicine, which often focuses on treating symptoms, functional medicine seeks to understand and treat the underlying causes of health issues, offering personalized care plans tailored to each individual.

  • What conditions do you treat at Alight Wellness?

    Our functional medicine approach may be used to address a wide range of concerns, including hormone imbalances, gut health disorders, anxiety and mental health issues, thyroid conditions, fatigue, and autoimmunity, among others.

  • What can I expect during my first visit?

    Your initial visit will include a comprehensive consultation where we discuss your health history, symptoms, and goals. This visit may also include diagnostic lab testing to further understand your health needs. Once we have a clear assessment of your current challenges, we’ll craft a care plan that incorporates nutrition and lifestyle adjustments along with tailored supplementation to address your long-term goals.

  • Do you offer virtual consultations?

    Yes, we offer virtual consultations in Oregon to provide accessible care to patients.

  • What types of lab testing do you recommend?

    We recommend a variety of lab tests depending on your specific health concerns, including blood work, hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, gut health assessments, and more. Recommendations are tailored for each patient based on your unique combination of communicated symptoms and challenges.

  • How are your treatment plans developed?

    Treatment plans are developed based on a comprehensive evaluation of your health, including lab results, health history, and personal health goals. Plans are personalized and may include dietary recommendations, supplements, lifestyle changes, and other natural therapies.

  • Will I need to take supplements?

    Supplements may be recommended as part of your treatment plan to address nutritional deficiencies, support healing processes, and promote overall well-being.

  • How often will I need follow-up appointments?

    Follow-up appointments vary based on individual needs and treatment plans. Initially, follow-ups may be more frequent to monitor progress and adjust treatments as necessary.

  • Can functional medicine help with weight loss?

    Yes, our functional medicine approach can support weight loss by addressing underlying factors such as hormonal imbalances, metabolic issues, and dietary intolerances that may be affecting your ability to lose weight.

  • How do I get started?

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